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The financial cost of Cancer goes beyond the treatment, affecting not only the person diagnosed, but also the family.

Cancer can strike anyone, at any point in time, regardless of gender and age. And it just does not put your life at risk, but also disrupts the emotional and financial stability of your family, putting their future at risk too. With the Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan, you will never have to bother about leaving your family in financial crisis. Get covered at ₹3* per day.

Why Should You Choose This Plan?

Covers from early stages of Cancer

Covers you till 80 years of age#

No medical examination required

Avail Tax benefits as may be applicable under Section 80D**

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cancer insurance?

    Cancer insurance is a health insurance where a customer asks for protection to mitigate the financial risks associated with cancer and pays a premium to the insurer depending on the amount of risk associated with the life to be assured. The insurer pays the amount of money promised to the customer once he/she makes a claim.

  • Why do I need a separate insurance policy for cancer when I have a health insurance policy?

    A dedicated cancer insurance policy will provide a comprehensive financial protection against minor and major stages of cancer. Depending on the stage and treatment options, cancer treatment may cost Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 20 lakh for six months^.

    A study from the year 2016 had indicated that the number of cancer cases were on the rise. From 14 lakh cases in 2016, the number of cases may go above 17.3 lakh by 2020^.

    Cancer can strike anyone. In most of the cases, it occurs due to environmental factors and not lifestyle choices alone. Once it does, it is not just the diseased who suffers but his/her family too, financially and emotionally. Cancer often leads to a temporary or permanent loss of livelihood, added to this is the high cost of treatment. Thus, it is best to be financially prepared against it with a dedicated cancer insurance policy.

  • What is Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan?

    Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan is Future Generali’s comprehensive cancer insurance policy to help its customers prepare financially against cancer.

  • How can Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan help?

    Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan is a comprehensive cancer insurance policy. It has the following key benefits:

    1. It provides cover from early stages of cancer
    2. It covers you till 80 years of age#
    3. You won’t have to undergo any medical examination
  • Can I avail tax benefits with Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan?

    Yes, you may be eligible for availing tax benefits under Section 80D** of the Income Tax Act on premiums paid towards the Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan. These benefits are subject to change as per the prevailing tax laws.

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